Bihar Board Class 10th Model Paper Download 2022 (English)

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1. The pace of life was getting too much for the………
( A ) doctor
( B ) lawyer
( C ) corn merchant
( D ) merchant’s nephew
ANS. ( C ) corn merchant

2. ‘ You shouldn’t burn those leaves . It’s bad for air , ……….
( A ) Mr. Williams
( B ) Ms. Greene
( C ) the narrator
( D ) Mr Johnson
ANS.  ( A ) Mr. Williams

3. On the day of his death , Gillu did not …………..
( A ) run
 ( B ) sleep
( C ) eat
( D ) drink
ANS.  ( C ) eat

4. The truly Indian film should steer clear of ……… ……
( A ) inconsistencies
( B ) imagination
( C ) controversies
( D ) integrity
ANS.( B ) imagination

5. Genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than
( A ) diamond
( B ) metal
( C ) copper
( D ) wealth
ANS. ( A ) diamond

6. The boy and the girl climb into the …….. bed .
( A ) soiled
( B ) flower
( C ) warm
( D ) wagon
ANS. ( C ) warm

7. There can be no culture without ……….
( A ) civilization
( B ) war
( C ) history
( D ) tolerance
ANS. ( A ) civilization

8. When men started fighting , two girls began to dig a
( A ) river
 ( B ) ocean 
( C ) stream
( D ) channel
ANS. ( D ) channel

9. In ‘ The Pace for Living ‘ , the chief character in the play was a corn merchant in a small country town .
( A ) Sussex
( B ) Welsh
( C ) Irish
( D ) Scottish
ANS. ( C ) Irish

10. Mr. William , on seeing Jim , tried to pretend he’s
( A ) at the hospital
( B ) sleeping
( C ) cooking
( D ) not home
ANS.( D ) not home

11. Gillu had ……… eyes.
(A) shining
(B) dim
(C) sad
(D) vacant
ANS. (A) shining

12. The Indian films possess ……….. tools of films-making.
(A) other
(B) tertiary
(C) primary
(D) secondary
ANS. (C) primary

13. The ideals of ………., according to Alexander Aris, should never be given up.
(A) humanism
(B) poverty
 (C) intellectualism
(D) agriculture
ANS. (A) humanism

14. The young people in ‘Once Upon a Time’ were unable to hold their………
(A) sadness
(B) laughter
(C) happiness
(D) crookedness
ANS. (D) crookedness

15. The ………. built up a new civilization.
(A) Harappan
(B) Vedic
(C) Pre-Aryans
(D) Mohenjo-daro
ANS. (C) Pre-Aryans

16. The celebration time was ……….
(A) Easter
(B) Christmas
(C) Thanksgiving
(D) New Year
ANS. (A) Easter

17. The source of light, according to William Cowper, in the villages in the evening is the ………
(A) torch
(B) sun
 (C) bulb
(D) moonbeam
ANS. (D) moonbeam

18. A happy man’s days pass …………
(A) happily
(B) sadly 
(C) smoothly
(D) leisurely
ANS. (C) smoothly

19. The polythene bag cannot be …………
(A) destroyed
(B) killed
(C) loved
(D) sown
ANS. (A) destroyed

20. ………… thinks about Krishna all the time.
(A) Sita
(B) Rukmini
 (C) Draupadi
(D) Radha
ANS. (D) Radha

21. To gather gold, the rich man tried all …………
(A) avenues
(B) tricks
(C) methods
(D) games
ANS. (C) methods

22. The porter ………… a distance of six miles.
(A) walks
(B) runs
 (C) swims
(D) climbs
ANS. (D) climbs

23. ‘‘Speak! Speak! Why are thy ………… so still ?’’
(A) leaves
(B) roses
(C) trees
(D) garden
ANS. (A) leaves

24. Martha had ………… eyes.
(A) gray
(B) blue
(C) brown
(D) black
ANS. (A) gray

25. Our groves were planted to console at …………
(A) noontime
(B) morning time
 (C) dinner time
(D) bed time
ANS. (A) noontime

26. What slides soft away ?
(A) Nature
(B) Beauty
(C) Wealth
(D) Time
ANS. (D) Time

27. The polythene bag remains ………… within.
(A) melted
(B) buried
(C) lost
(D) burnt
ANS. (B) buried

28. Vidyapati’s poems recreate and reveal the world of …………
(A) Laila and Majnu
(B) Heer and Ranjha
(C) Radha and Krishna
(D) Ram and Sita
ANS. (C) Radha and Krishna

29. Periasamy Thooran won the Padma Bhushan and …………Award.
(A) Gyanpeeth
(B) Kalalmamani
(C) Sahitya Akademi
(D) Iyal
ANS. (B) Kalalmamani

30. What keeps the Koel …………, yet charred ?
(A) sad
(B) happy
 (C) angry
(D) fresh
ANS. (D) fresh

31. Like a bird, according to Laxmi Prasad Devkota, his heart is twittering, …………
(A) singing
(B) jumping
(C) panting
(D) swinging
ANS.(D) swinging

32. The children while listening to Martha’s stories, sat on their ……..
(A) chin lolled
(B) elbow lolled 
(C) eyes lolled
(D) head lolled
ANS.(B) elbow lolled 

33. Jabra started barking when he heard the noise of some …………
(A) cars
(B) trucks
(C) crowd
(D) animals
ANS.(D) animals

34. Anti-histamines may provide ………… relief by masking the
(A) permanent
(B) temporary
(C) guaranteed
(D) clinical
ANS.(B) temporary

35. During the first year of his imprisonment, the lawyer played the…………
(A) violin
(B) guitar
(C) piano
(D) drum
ANS.(C) piano

36. Mr. Gessler died of …………
(A) malaria
(B) slow starvation
(C) cancer
(D) typhoid
ANS.(B) slow starvation

37. Katherine Mansfield has sensitive perception of feelings especiallyof …………
(A) women
(B) children
 (C) young men
(D) the aged
ANS.(A) women

38. In the letter, the daughter says that she tries to follow the advice ofher …………
(A) husband
(B) father 
(C) mother
(D) sister
ANS. (C) mother

39. The narrator in ‘Love Defiled’, lived with his girlfriend for …………years.
(A) five
(B) six
(C) two
(D) eight
ANS.(D) eight

40. Premchand was a prolific writer of both Hindi and …………
(A) Urdu
(B) Bengali
(C) Tamil
(D) Bhojpuri
ANS.(A) Urdu

41. Rana S. P. Singh has written a number of articles on …………
(A) medicinal plants
(B) healthcare
(C) pneumonia
(D) diabetes
ANS.(C) pneumonia

42. The old banker had given a party ………… years ago.
(A) 17
(B) 16
 (C) 15
(D) 20
ANS. (C) 15

43. ………… was John Galsworthy’s first important work.
(A) The Island Pharisees
(B) The Skin Game
(C) Strife
(D) Loyalties
ANS. (D) Loyalties

44. Katherine Mansfield’s stories followed in the foot steps of …………
(A) Anton Chekov
(B) John Galsworthy
 (C) Jane Austen
(D) George Eliot
ANS. (A) Anton Chekov

45. ‘I speak with prejudice, because I belong to the ………… of slow thinkers ‘
(A) family
(B) class
 (C) school
(D) tribe
ANS.  (D) tribe

46. The beloved was the narrator’s …………
(A) bed side
(B) over confidence
(C) alter ego
(D) confused side
ANS. (D) confused side

47. To whom does the author turn for enlightment about movies ?
(A) his brother
(B) his wife
(C) his sister
(D) his friend
ANS.(B) his wife

48. Alexander Pope is a poet of the early ………… century.
(A) sixteenth
(B) seventeenth
 (C) eighteenth
(D) nineteenth
ANS. (C) eighteenth

49. Leo Tolstoy’s story is about …………
(A) two boys
(B) three boys
(C) two girls
(D) three girls
ANS. (C) two girls

50. According to Toni Morrison, ‘language should be living and…………’
(A) simple
(B) vibrant
(C) complex
(D) dull
ANS. (B) vibrant

51. Which word in ‘Me and the Ecology Bit’ is known as ‘filth’ ?
(A) Garbage
(B) Compost
(C) Ecology
(D) Lawn
ANS. (A) Garbage

52. ‘I developed cold feet when it came to tying the knot with the…………’
(A) saint
(B) man
(C) boy
(D) girl

53. What does the Koel’s voice do to the poet ?
(A) attacks him
(B) scares him
(C) sings for him
(D) wakes the poet’s soul
ANS. (D) wakes the poet’s soul

54. Lord Krishna had not met ………… from some time.
(A) Devaki
(B) Radha
(C) Yashoda
(D) Sudama
ANS. (B) Radha

55. ‘Gillu’ is based on a beautiful friendship between a human beingand a/an …………
(A) relative
(B) sibling
 (C) animal
(D) neighbour
ANS.  (C) animal

56. ‘……… the germs of the disease keep on growing’ is from the poem, …………
(A) Ode on Solitude
(B) The Empty Heart
(C) God Made the Country
(D) Polythene Bag
ANS. (D) Polythene Bag

57. ‘The Listener’ and ‘Arabia’ are written by :
(A) Walter de la Mare
(B) T. S. Eliot
 (C) William Blake
(D) John Keats
ANS. (A) Walter de la Mare

58. Jabra looked ………… at the fire.
(A) sadly
(B) fearfully
 (C) angrily
(D) happily
ANS. (D) happily

59. The daughter wrote to her mother that she learned the mantra of loving ………… from her.
(A) food
(B) management
(C) learning
(D) pain and hardship
ANS. (B) management

60. The children in ‘Sun and Moon’ were marched off to the nursery to…………
(A) sleep
(B) play
(C) get dressed
(D) cat
ANS. (C) get dressed

61. Active voice of : ‘By whom was it painted?’
(A) Who painted it ?
(B) Was it painted by whom ?
(C) Who has painted it ?
(D) It was painted whom ?
ANS. (A) Who painted it ?

62. Active voice of : Let this door be shut.
(A) You have shut this door.
(B) They shut the door.
(C) Shut this door.
(D) He can shut this door.
ANS. (C) Shut this door.

63. Active voice of : ‘Butter is made from milk by us.”
(A) Butter made by us from milk.
(B) We make butter from milk.
(C) Butter is make with milk by us.
(D) From milk butter is made by us.
ANS. (B) We make butter from milk.

64. Active voice of : ‘I was shocked by the letter.”
(A)The shocked me with the letter.
(B)The letter has shocked me.
(C) I was shocked with the letter.
(D) The letter shocked me.
ANS. (D) The letter shocked me.

65. Passive Voice of : ‘Don’t touch the switch’.
(A)The switch don’t be touched.
(B)The switch must not be touched.
(C) The switch does not be touched.
(D) The switch need not be touched.
ANS. (A)The switch don’t be touched.

66. Passive Voice of : ‘Someone is following us.’
(A) We are following by someone.
(B) We are followed by someone.
(C) We are being followed.
(D) We had been followed by someone.
ANS. (C) We are being followed.

67. Direct speech of : ‘The boy said that he had not stolen the book.’
(A) The boy said, “I don’t steal the book.”
(B) The boy said, “I didn’t steal the book.”
(C) The boys says, “I hadn’t stolen the book.”
(D) The boy said, “I haven’t stolen the book.”
ANS. (B) The boy said, “I didn’t steal the book.”

68. Direct speech of : ‘The Principal told us to wait there till he returned.’
(A) The Principal told us, “Wait here till I return.”
(B) The Principal tells us, “Wait here till I returned.”
(C) The Principal ordered, “Wait till I returned here.”
(D) The Principal said, “Wait till I return.”
ANS.  (A) The Principal told us, “Wait here till I return.”

69. Direct speech of : ‘They said that they had lived there for a long time.’
(A) They say, “We live here for a long time.”
(B) They said, “We have lived here for a long time.”
(C) They says, “We may live here for a long time.”
(D) They told, “We can live here for a long time.”
ANS. (B) They said, “We have lived here for a long time.”

70. Indirect speech of : I said to my sister, “I bought you a doll yesterday.”
(A) I told my sister that I had bought her a doll the previous day.
(B) I told my sister that I had bought her a doll yesterday.
(C) I told my sister that I bought her a doll yesterday.
(D) I told my sister that I bought you a doll the previous day.
ANS. (A) I told my sister that I had bought her a doll the previous day.

71. Indirect Speech of : “When did you meet my brother,” she asked me.
(A) She wanted to know when did I meet her brother.
(B) She asked me when I had met her brother.
(C) She asked when did I meet my brother.
(D) She wants to know when I had met my brother.
ANS. (A) She wanted to know when did I meet her brother.

72. Indirect speech of : He said, “How lovely the scene is.”
(A) He exclaimed that the scene is very lovely.
(B) He exclaimed how the scene was lovely.
(C) He exclaimed that the scene was very lovely.
(D) He exclaimed that the scene is indeed lovely.
ANS. (B) He exclaimed how the scene was lovely.

73. When I opened my eyes, I ……….. a strange sight.
(A) saw
(B) see
(C) seen
(D) have seen
ANS. (A) saw

74. The head master ……….. to talk to you.
(A) wanting
(B) have want
(C) want
(D) wants
ANS. (D) wants

75. Radha ……….. with her in-laws.
(A) living
(B) lives
(C) has living
(D) has lived
ANS. (B) lives

76. We ……….. America the next month.
(A) visit
(B) visited
(C) shall visit
(D) were visited
ANS. (C) shall visit

77. I ……….. from Canada.
(A) am
(B) are
 (C) is
(D) was
ANS. (A) am

78. Lisa and Jane ……….. really happy now.
(A) am
(B) were
(C) was
(D) are
ANS. (D) are

79. Sincere students always ……….. high marks.
(A) are getting
(B) get
(C) will get
(D) gotten
ANS. (B) get

80. I congratulated him ……….. his success.
(A) about
(B) for
(C) on
(D) at
ANS. (B) for

81. It is our duty to get ……….. the truth.
(A) to
(B) over
 (C) into
(D) at
ANS.  (A) to

82. Kundan did not approve ……….. his father’s plan.
(A) to
(B) of
 (C) by
(D) with
ANS.  (C) by

83. He threw a stone ……….. the river.
(A) in
(B) into
 (C) on
(D) to
ANS. (B) into

84. Madhav is good ……….. English.
(A) in
(B) at
 (C) on
(D) with
ANS. (A) in

85. Nidhi did not disclose the fact ……….. her husband.
(A) for
(B) an
(C) to
(D) from
ANS. (A) for

86. I am worried ……….. the examination.
(A) in
(B) about
(C) on
(D) of
ANS. (B) about

Choose the correctly spelt word.

87. (A) Charactor              (C) Character
(B) Karacter                       (D) Cheractor
ANS. (C) Character

88. (A) Solidarity              (C) Sulidarety
(B) Selederity                     (D) Salidarity
ANS.  (A) Solidarity   

89. (A) Livelyhud             (C) Livelyhoode
(B) Levlihud                      (D) Livelihood
ANS.  (D) Livelihood

90. (A) Paculear              (C) Perculear
(B) Peculiar               (D) Paculiar
ANS. (B) Peculiar  

91. (A) Nieghbor             (C) Naighbor
(B) Neighbur             (D) Neighbour
ANS. (D) Neighbour

92. (A) Mentain               (C) Maintain
(B) Menteion             (D) Meanton
ANS.  (C) Maintain

93. (A) Trouble                (C) Truble
(B) Torouble             (D) Traubul
ANS. (A) Trouble      

Choose the most suitable translation.

94. तुम्हे जाना नही है
(A)You should not have gone.
(B)You should not go.
(C) Should go you not.
(D) Not you should go.
ANS. (A)You should not have gone.

95. एक जज को ईमानदार होना चाइये
(A)Judge honest must be
(B)Must be a judge honest.
(C) A judge must be honest.
(D) Honest must a judge be
ANS. (C) A judge must be honest.

96. तुम्हे घबराने की जुरअत नही है
(A)You worry not.
(B)Need you not worry.
(C) Worry you need not.
(D) You need not worry
ANS. (D) You need not worry

 Choose the correct option

97. Synonym of : Deny
(A) Regain
(B) Refuse
(C) Repair
(D) Reduce
ANS. (B) Refuse

98. Synonym of : Renowned
(A) Notorious
(B) Great
(C) Brave
(D) Famous
ANS. (C) Brave

99. Antonym of : Urban
(A) Civil
(B) Rustic
(C) Foreign
(D) Rural
ANS. (D) Rural

100. Antonym of : Quiet
(A) Strong
(B) Incomplete
(C) Violent
(D) Uncertain
ANS. (C) Violent












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