Class 12th English Chapter 2 Objective Question

1. “The people have chosen to make me the head of this family for certain time.” Who says this?
(A) Dr. Zakir Hussain
(B) Kamala Das
(C) Pare S. Buck
(D) Manohar Malgaonkar
Ans. (A)Dr. Zakir Hussain
2. Dr. Radhakrishna never lost his faith in the ………….
(A) essential wealth
(B) essential humanity of man
(C) essential knowledge
(D) essential exeperence
Ans.(B)essential humanity of man
3. Dr. Zakir Hussain was born in …….
(A) Aligarh
(B) Ahmedabad
(C) Hyderabad
(D) Delhi
4. Dr. zakir Hussain had also served as the Governor of ……….
(A) West Bengal
(B) Assam
(C) Bihar
(D) Karnatka
5. The past is-
(A) dead and static
(B) alive and dynamic
(C) useless
(D) harmful
Ans.(B)alive and dynamic
6. The Indian culture is the best example of-
(A) unity
(B) diversity
(C) unity in diversity
(D) disparity
Ans.(C)unity in diversity
7. The word’erudition’stands for-
(A) poverty
(B) great knowledge
(C) prosperity
(D) greed
Ans.(B)great knowledge
8. When did Dr. Hussain deliver this speech?
(A) On Independence day
(B) On republic day
(C) When he took oath as the President
(D) On the day
Ans.(C)When he took oath as the President
9. Dr. zakir Hussain was born in ……….
(A) 1865
(B) 1877
(C) 1867
(D) 1897
10. Dr. Zakir Hussain died i.-
(A) 1959
(B) 1969
(C) 1979
(D) 1989
Ans.(B) 1969
11. Dr. Zakir Hussain was born in-
(A) Delhi
(B) karnatka
(C) Chennai
12. Earlier he had served as-
(A) the Governor of Bihar
(B) the Chief Manistert of Punjab
(C) the governor of west Bengal
(D) the governor of Assam
  Ans.(A)the Governor of Bihar
13. Dr. Radhakrishana explained exceptionally-
(A) Indian economics
(B) Indian philosophy
(C) Indian politics
(D) Indian civilization
Ans.(B)Indian philosophy
14. DR. Zakir Hussain entered the office with-
(A) partiality
(B) total dedication
 (C) enmity
(D) treachery
  Ans.(B)total dedication
15. Dr. Zakir Hussain was long associated with
(A) business
(B) education
(C) art
(D) game
16. The people had chosen him the head of the family for-
(A) two years
(B) a certain time
(C) for ever
(D) twenty years
Ans.(B) a certain time
17. As the president, Dr. Hussain advocated for the growth of-
(A) certain religious
(B) the whole nation
(C) the rich only
(D) the poor only
Ans.(B)the whole nation
18. power should be used only for-
(A) making money
(B)great knowledge
(C) own interest
(D) material gain
Ans.(B)great knowledge
19. Dr. Zakir Hussain delivered his speech in ……..
(A) 1965
(B) 1966
(C) 1967
(D) 1968
20. Dr.Zakir Hussain took the oath as the –
(A) president
(B) govrenor
(C) minister
(D) None of these
21. ‘Bharat is My Home’ is written by –
(A) MahatmaGandhi
(B) Dr. Zakir Hussain
(C) Parel S. Buck
(D) H.E. Bates
Ans.(B)Dr. Zakir Hussain
22. ………… was the role model of Dr. zakir Hussain.
(A) Mahatma Gandhi
(B) Sardar Patel
(C) Dr. Radha Krishna
(D) Dr. Rajendra Pd.
Ans.(C) Dr. Radha Krishna
23. Dr. zakir Hussain took the oath of loyalty to the ………….
(A) people
(B) constituation
(C) Dr. nation
(D) Dr. none of these
24. ……….. said that Bharat is my home and its people are my family.
(A) Dr. Zakir Hussain
(B) Dr. Radha Krishna
(C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(D) None of these
Ans.(A)Dr. Zakir Hussain
25. Dr. Zakir Hussain was a great ……….
(A) politician
(B) thinker
(C) nationalist
(D) leader
26. Dr. Zakir hussain delivered his in 1967 after taking the oath of the-
(A) President
(B) Governor
(C) Chief Manister
(D) Minister
27…………is the prime instrument of nation building.
(A) Agriculture
(B) Education
(C) Trade
(D) None of these
28. ………….. Brought a lot of erudition and wealth of knowledge to the Presidensy
(A) Dr. Zakir Hussain
(B) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(C) Gyani zail Singh
(D) Dr. Radha Krishna
Ans.(D)Dr. Radha Krishna
29. Dr. Zakir hussain feels greatly obliged to the people of-.
(A) Pakistan
(B) India
(C) China
(D) Nepal
30. Dr. Zakir Hussain became the president of India in –
(A) 1965
(B) 1966
(C) 1967
(D) 1969
31. Dr. zakir Hussain entered the office in a spirit of ……humility,
(A) special
(B) prayful
(C) long
(D) new
Ans.(C) long
32. Dr. Zakir Hussain has written the lesson –
(A) IndianCivilization and Culture
(B) I Have a dream
(C) Bharat is My Home
(DThe artist
Ans.(C)Bharat is My Home

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