Class 12th English Chapter 3 Objective Question

1. Who travelled free with Nanukaku?
(A) Dog
(B) Rabbit
(C) Hen
(D) Kitten
ANSWER-(D) Kitten
2. The mother in “A Pinch of Snuff” was waiting at the……for her brother.
(A) room
(B) gate
(C) doorstep
(D) verandah
ANSWER-(C) doorstep
3. Nanukaka was installed in-
(A) The guest room
(B) The drawing room
(C) Author’s bedroom
(D) The verandah
ANSWER-(C) author’s bedroom
4. The author had taken-
(A) five days’ leave
(B) three day’s leave
(C) two day’s leave
(D) six day’s leave
ANSWER-(C) two day’s leave
5. Nanukaka in a linguistic emergency always turned to-
(A)  English
(B) Hindi
(C) His mother-tongue
(D) Sanskrit
ANSWER-(C) His mother-tongue
6. Nanukaka thought that the secretary treated them coldly because they had not gone in-
(A) an old car
(B) a bigger car
(C) a small car
(D) a new car
ANSWER-(B) a bigger car
7. Nanukaka took out his cheque-book and wrote a cheque for-
(A) five thousand rupees
(B) two thousand rupees
(C) a thousand rupees
(D) five hundred rupees
ANSWER-(C) a thousand rupees
8. Nanukaka was coming to Delhi-
(A) to visit the Red Fort
(B) to see some minister
(C) to participate a conference
(D) to spend the summer
ANSWER-(B) to see some minister
9. Nanukaka was authors-
(A) brother
(B) Neighbor
(C) Maternal uncle
(D) Friend
ANSWER-(C) Maternal uncle
10. The author has a complex about-
(A) relative
(B) Guest
(C) Officials
(D) Ministers
ANSWER-(D) Ministers
11. Nanukaka travelled in-
(A) The A.C. Class
(B) The Second Class
(C) The Third Class
(D) The First Class
ANSWER-(B) The Second Class
12. On the perform Nanukaka handed over the author-
(A) a big
(B) a box
(C) a briefcase
(D) a basket
ANSWER-(D) a basket
13. The basket contained-
(A) fruits
(B) a cat
(C) sweets
(D) vegetables
ANSWER-(B) a cat
14. Nanukaka had third class ticket but travelled in the second class cecouse-
(A) he was clever
(B) there was no third class
(C) he lost his ticket
(D) there was no room in the third class
ANSWER-(D) there was no room in the third class
15. The author was merely-
(A) an under secretary
(B) a secretary
(C) a clerk
(D) a peon
ANSWER-(A) an under secretary
16. ‘A Pinch of Snuff’ is written by-
(A) Bertrand Russell
(B) H.E. Bates
(C) Manohar Malgaonkar
(D) Pearl S.Buck
ANSWER-(C) Manohar Malgaonkar
17. Manohar Malgaonkar has written the lesson-
(A) I Have a Dream
(B) A Pinch of Snuff
(C) Bharat Is My Home
(D) The Earth
ANSWER-(B) A Pinch of Snuff
18. Nanukaka wrote  cheque for a …….rupees.
(A) thousand
(B) hundred
(C) five hundred
(D) ten thousand
ANSWER-(A) thousand
19. The second important person Nanukaka had planned to meet was-
(A) The Home Minister
(B) The Railway Minister
(C) The Welfare Minister
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(C) The Welfare Minister
20. Ratiram was the son of ……..
(A) Mohanlal Ratiram
(B) Sohanlal Ratiram
(C) Jaganlal Ratiram
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(B) Sohanlal Ratiram
21. …………. Is a humorous story.
(A) The Earth
(B) The Artist
(C) A Pinch of Snuff
(D) Above of these
ANSWER-(C) A Pinch of Snuff
22. There is nothing like honrsty was said by-
(A) Nanukaka
(B) Sohanlal Ratiram
(C) Ratiram
(D) Hajrat Barkat Ali
ANSWER-(A) Nanukaka
23. ………………was coming to vist the narrator’s family.
(A) Sohanlal Ratiram
(B) Hajrat Bakrat Ali
(C) Nanukaka
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(C) Nanukaka
24. ………… went to the minister in jodhpuri coat.
(A) Nanukaka
(B) Shiga Noya
(C) Manohar Malgaonkar
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(C) Manohar Malgaonkar
25. The speaker put on his white jodhpuri coat and the …….turbon.
(A) orange
(B) red
(C) yellow
(D) black
ANSWER-(A) orange
26. Nanukaka was to stay for …..
(A) four or five days
(B) three or four days
(C) two or three days
(D) a week
ANSWER-(C) two or three days
27. ………… informed the undersecretary about Nanukaka’s visit.
(A) father
(B) mother
(C) brother
(D) friend
ANSWER-(B) mother
28. Nanukaka was related to the narrator as he was his mother’s-
(A) uncle
(B) father
(C) brother
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(C) brother
29. ………….. is the main character of the story ‘A pinch of Snuff’
(A) Nanukaka
(B) Sohanlal Ratiram
(C) Manohar Malgaonkar
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(A) Nanukaka
30. Nanukaka has a unique quality of telling-
(A) stories
(B) truths
(C) lies
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(C) lies
31. Nanukaka handed over a cheque of a thousand rupees to a-
(A) Carpenter
(B) Dhobi
(C) Gold Smith
(D) Milk Man
ANSWER-(B) Dhobi
32. Nanukaka portrayed himself as the hereditary astrologer of the maharaja of-
(A) Jaipur
(B) Bikaner
(C) Ninnore
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(C) Ninnore
33. Nanukaka was a very ………. Man.
(A) food
(B) stupid
(C) honest
(D) clever
ANSWER-(D) clever
34. ‘A Pinch of Snuff’ is a ………….
(A) novel
(B) poem
(C) short story
(D) essay
ANSWER-(C) short story
35. ‘A Pinch of Snuff’ is in fact a detailed character sketch of …………..
(A) Sohan Lal
(B) Nanukaka
(C) Ratiram
(D) Manohar Malgaonakar
ANSWER-(B) Nanukaka
36. Manohar Malgaonkar was the ………. On Prpbation.
(A) Secretary
(B) Under Secretary
(C) Joint Secretary
(D) Chief Secretary
ANSWER-(B) Under Secretary

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