Class 12th English Chapter 5 Objective Question

1. All technological changes cause ……….. problems.
(A) social
(B) behavioural
(C) industrial
(D) personal
ANSWER-(A) social
2. Bertrand Russell was also a –
(A) painter
(B) dramatist
(C) mathematician
(D) geologist
ANSWER-(C) mathematician

3. According to Bertrand Russell …………. Die in large numbers in winter.
(A) Human beings
(B) olants
(C) Animals
(D) Birds
ANSWER-(D) birds

4. Bertrand Russell was awarded Nobel Prize in literature in the year-
(A) 1956
(B) 1952
(C) 1950
(D) 1953
ANSWER-(C) 1950

5. Bertrand Russell is the author of the prose piece-
(A) How free is the Press
(B) The Earth
(C) The Artist
(D) Ideas that have helped mankind
ANSWER-(D) Ideas that have helped mankind

6. We are able to get veriety of enjoyment due to-
(A) our intelligence
(B) our riches
(C) our physical strength
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(A) our intelligence

7. We are more friendly-
(A) within the herd
(B) outside the herd
(C) everywhere
(D) nowhere
ANSWER-(A) within the herd

8. After language the second most important thing which helped mankind was-
(A) gold
(B) silver
(C) fire
(D) none
ANSWER-(C) fire

9. The taming of domestic animals made life-
(A) pleasanter
(B) fearful
(C) harmful
(D) none of thees
ANSWER-(A) pleasanter

10. ‘Ideas that have Helped Mankind’ has been written by-
(A) G. Greer
(B) D.L. Sayers
(C) H.E. Bates
(D) Bertrand Russell
ANSWER-(D) Bertrand Russell

11. Bertrand Russell died in-
(A) 1940
(B) 1950
(C) 1960
(D) 1970
ANSWER-(D) 1970

12. Russell was awarded Nobel Prize for-
(A) philoiphy
(B) literature
(C) medicine
(D) economics
ANSWER-(B) literature

13. The most Indubltable respect in which ideas have helped mankind is-
(A) more knowledge
(B) numbers
(C) happiness
(D) less numbers
ANSWER-(B) numbers

14. Suryival for homesapliens primarlly was-
(A) a problem
(B) never a problem
(C) both of them
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(A) a problem

15. Birds die of hunger in large numbers-
(A) during summer
(B) during rainy season
(C) during winter
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(C) during winter

16. During summer birds-
(A) remember this catastrophe
(B) forget this catastrophe
(C) fear from this
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(B) forget this catastriphe

17. Every Human death by starvation is preceded by a long period of-
(A) sorrow
(B) anxiety
(C) happiness
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(B) anxiety

18. Human beings suffer more due to their-
(A) ignorance
(B) intelligence
(C) reluctance
(D) none of these
ANSWER-(B) intelligence

19. Animals get pleasure from-
(A) music
(B) football
(C) science
(D) None of These
ANSWER-(D) None of these

20. Bertrand Russell has written the lesson-
(A) The Artist
(B) Ideas That Have Helped mankind
(C) I Have a Dream
(D) A Pinch of Snuff
ANSWER-(B) Ideas That Have Helped mankind

21. Bertrand Russell was a philosopher and a-
(A) historian
(B) scientist
(C) mathematician
(D) geologist
ANSWER-(C) mathematician

22. The invention of …………. Was more important than domestication of animals.
(A) car
(B) fire
(C) agricuture
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(C) agriculture

23. Civilization tought us-
(A) to be unlawful
(B) to be rude or curel
(C) to be more friendly towards others
(D) none of these
ANSWER-(C) to be more friendly towards others

24. …………….. was also a commentator on a large variety of topics.
(A) Martin Luther King Jr.
(B) Bertrand Russell
(C) Mahatma Gandhi
(D) Dr. Zakir Hussain
ANSWER-(B) Bertrand Russell

25. In ………… the last step was never taken-
(A) India
(B) Germany
(C) China
(D) france
ANSWER-(C) china

26. ………………. Would not help the corn to grow unless he was allowed to feast on the blood of children.
(A) Toloch
(B) Moloch
(C) Noloch
(D) None of these
ANSWER-(B) Moloch

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