Class 12th English Chapter 6 Objective Question

1.The name of Lomov’s dog is-
(A)  Leap
(B)  Guess
(C)  Tomy
(D)  None of these
ANSWER – (B) Guess

2.The peasants used the land for-
(A) thirty years
(B)  fifty years
(C)  forty years
(D)  None of these
ANSWER – (C) forty years

3. “I’ ll prove to you in court that they’ remain”, said-
(A)  Natalia
(B)  Choobookov
(C)  Lomov
(D)  None of these
ANSWER – (C) Lomov

4. A person who acquires land in any way possible is called-
(A)  impertinent
(B)  land-grabber
(C)  quibbler
(D)  None of these
ANSWER – (B) land-grabber

5.Lomov claims to have the memory of-
(A)  a tiger
(B)  a lion
(C)  an elephant
(D) a fox
ANSWER – (C) an elephant

6. When Lomov came to Choobookov, the latter-
(A)  neglected him
(B)  welcome him
(C)  abused him
(D)  None of these
ANSWER – (B) welcome him

7.Natalia is-
(A)  a shrew
(B)  an insane
(C)  a peace-loving
(D)  None of these
ANSWER – (C) a peace-loving

8.’A Marriage Proposal’ is a-
(A)  tragedy
(B)  satire
(C)  tragic-comedy
(D)  comedy
ANSWER – (D) comedy

9.Lomov and ……….. are quarrelling for the Ox Meadowa.
(A)  Natalia
(B)  Choobookov
(C)  Somov
(D)  Natasha
ANSWER – (A) Natalia

10.Anton Chekhov was born in-
(A)  1850
(B)  1870
(C)  1860
(D) 1880
ANSWER – (C) 1860

11.Anton Chekhov died in-
(A)  1905
(B)  1904
(C)  1910
(D)  1912
ANSWER – (B) 1904

12.Anton Chekhov was-
(A)  an American
(B)  an Indian
(C) a German
(D)  a Russian
ANSWER – (D) a Russian

13.Lomov wanted to-
(A)  kill Natalia
(B)  marry Natalia
(C)  cheat Natalia
(D)  None of these
ANSWER – (B) marry Natalia

14.To know Lomov’s desire, Mr. Choobookov became-
(A)  happy
(B)  angry
(C)  sad
(D)  None of these
ANSWER – (A) happy

15.’A Marriage Proposal’ is written by-
(A)  Shiga Naoya
(B)  Bertrand Russell
(C)  Anton Chekhov
(D)  Pearl S. Buck
ANSWER – (C) Anton Chekhov

16.Anton Chekhov has written the lesson-
(A)  A Child is Born
(B)  A Marriage Perposal
(C)  The Earth
(D)  The Artist
ANSWER – (B) A Marriage Perposal

17.lomov was the ….. of Choobookov.
(A)  enemy
(B)  friend
(C)  brother
(D)  neighbour
ANSWER – (D) neighbour

18. ………… is the daughter of Choobookov-
(A)  Natalia
(B)  Stalia
(C)  Matalia
(D)  Rtalia
ANSWER – (A) Natalia

19.Natalia’s dog is named.
(A)  weep
(B)  Leap
(C)  Neep
(D)  Deep
ANSWER – (B) Leap

20. Lomov is …… years old.
(A)  25
(B)  30
(C)  35
(D)  40
ANSWER – (C) 35

21.Lomov is a neighbor of-
(A)  Monokov
(B)  Runokov
(C)  Choobookov
(D)  Dnukov
ANSWER – (C) Choobookov

22.lomov has come to ask for daughter …… hand in marriage.
(A)  Matalia’s
(B)  Natalia’s
(C)  Ratalia’s
(D)  Satalia’s
ANSWER – (B) Natalia’s

23.I was called to kill a dangerous-
(A)  dog
(B)  tiger
(C)  snake
(D)  cat
ANSWER – (A) dog

24. ………..
(A)  two acre
(B)  three acre
(C)  four acre
(D)  five acre
ANSWER – (C) four acre

25.Benjy should be allowed to kenn-
(A)  hens
(B)  dogs
(C)  cows
(D)  cats
ANSWER – (A) Hens

26.The …….. suggested that Benjy should be allowed to keep hens.
(A)  teacher
(B)  doctor
(C)  friend
(D)  saint
ANSWER – (B) doctor

27.’The Earth’ is a-
(A)  poem
(B)  essay
(C)  drama
(D)  srory
ANSWER – (B) five

28.The teacher became very-very …….with Seibi for neglecting his studies.
(A)  happy
(B)  sad
(C)  angry
(D)  friendly
ANSWER – (C) angry

29.Seibi reads at ……….. school.
(A)  High
(B)  Primary
(C)  Middle
(D)  None of these
ANSWER – (B) Primary

30.Seibi got gourds for a few-
(A)  baskets
(B)  carrots
(C)  gourds
(D)  potatoes
ANSWER – (C) gourds

31.One must admire the inheren qulities in th
(A)  young
(B)  children
(C) old
(D)  adult
ANSWER – (B) children

32.The price of the five inches gourds is-
(A)  five sen
(B)  nine sen
(C)  ten sen
(D)  eleven sen
ANSWER – (C) ten sen

33.Seibi’s father worked at ……
(A)  carpenter’s
(B)  barber’s
(C)  goldmith’s
(D)  None of these
ANSWER – (A) carpenter’s

34…………… was selling dried peipmimmond and oranges-
(A)  An old man
(B)  An old woman
(C)  A Girl
(D)  A boy
ANSWER – (B) An old woman

35.The porter sold the groud of seibi for-
(A)  30 yen
(B)  40 yen
(C)  50 yen
(D)  60 yen
ANSWER – (C) 50 yen

36………… is short story.
(A)  A marriage proposal
(B)  Ideas That Have Helped Manking
(C)  India Through a traveller’s Eyes
(D)  The Artist
ANSWER – (D) The Artist

37.Seibi’s hobby of a collecting gord made his teacher-
(A)  pleased
(B)  displeased
(C)  loughed
(D)  None of these
ANSWER – (B) displeased

38.Seibi’s parents know that he often went out to buy himself-
(A)  oranges
(B)  apples
(C)  gourds
(D)  potatoes
ANSWER – (C) gourds

39.The curlo –dealer sold the gourd to a wealthy ollecter for ……yen
(A)  400
(B)  500
(C)  600
(D)  700
ANSWER – (C) 600

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